Health Benefits of Nutmeg

Health Benefits of Nutmeg

Apart from the culinary use of nutmegs, they as well play a crucial role to provide essential nutrients to your body, so when used in everyday meals. Nutmeg is a tropical plant, and it’s always very tall. It has fruits that are similar to the apricot. Apart from nutmeg having aromatic and a warm flavor that keeps your heart warm, it also has more nutritional uses in our heal as listed below.

Anti-Oxidant Properties

crushed nutmegsNutmegs contain antioxidants that are important in the continued functioning of your body. It produces antioxidants, which help to avoid free radical formation, which can cause undesirable reactions in your body.

These reactions can create a severe form of compounds that can also result in cancer.

Proper Blood Circulation

With a good blood circulation, it leads to proper blood circulation in your body. When your blood circulates through all your brain and heart, then all other organs will perform flawlessly. Nutmeg is used to reduce the level of high blood pressure .Nutmeg has potassium that helps to relax blood vessels and aid in blood circulation.

Kidney Health

Maintaining the health of your kidney is crucial. Nutmeg promotes smooth urination that makes your organs healthy. Besides, when you add nutmeg top, your meal will help to reduce kidney stones. But it’s advisable for you to visit your physician for consultation in case you have a severe kidney problem and stop self-medication.

Works as a Detoxifier

Things like toxins, excess salts and chemicals can cause significant damage to your liver cells. Once your body cells are damaged, then your liver will be exposed to chronic liver diseases. With this, you now have to detoxify your liver. Nutmeg can help to protect your liver from such effects caused by environmental stress, pollution, medication and unbalanced diet.

Promotes Digestion

spice nutmegNutmeg has excellent properties that reduce indigestion well. In past years, nutmeg was only used in cuisines to aid digestion and help in nausea.

However, nutritionists say that nutmeg has dietary fiber that helps to regulate abnormal bowel movements. Eating nutmeg every day stimulates metabolism and also cures intestinal problems.

Acne Treatment

Acne appearance can give you a lot of stress that leads to even more acne. Even after a lot of efforts, your acne disappears; it then leaves you with a scar. Then that’s where now nutmeg comes in. All you have to do is to apply powdered nutmeg paste on your acne scar; then it will start fading away within weeks. Also, nutmeg can also work well for your acne if you used it in your meal regularly.
















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