Simple and safe methods to make the vagina tighter

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Though it may sound awkward and humiliating say, a loose vagina can be frustrating particularly to the intimate partner. During birth, a woman’s birth canal slackens and vaginal walls stretch out. Regular sexual activity increases the chances of vaginal loosening. Loose vagina leads to difficulties in achieving orgasm hence leading to sexual dissatisfaction. Therefore, tight vagina plays a critical role in promoting a proper sexual contentment and lasting relationship. There are various remedies to curb the problem. However, not all the methods are safe.

Below are the safe methods to make the vagina tighter.

What are the safe ways to tighten the vagina?

Use V-Tight Gel

hgsahgsa65sahgsaasThere are different types of gel, sprays and creams on the market that promise better vaginal tightening results. Since the gel goes inside the woman’s body, it is essential to select the safe brands. Experts recommend the water-based ones that do not contain dyes, alcohol or any chemicals. Gels that are made of natural ingredients are preferable. Additionally, the best creams provide a long lasting tightening effect. They also don’t cause dryness, irritation f itchiness.

Kegel Exercises

It is a popular natural method. Kegel exercises involve squeezing the inner pelvic muscles a couple of times especially when peeing. One can do them in their restroom severally every day. The advantage of the exercises is that they are natural and do not involve taking any medication. Therefore it results in long lasting natural results. Most doctors recommend doing the exercises after childbirth or before a woman enters menopause. Kegel exercises lead to pelvic prolapse and incontinence leading to an enjoyable sexual activity. For ultimate results, one can do the exercises for 2-3 months.

Another exercise is the use of a vaginal cone. It is a tampon-shaped material that is available in different weights. A woman inserts them into their vagina then squeeze them with their muscles. The procedure can be repeated several times for around 15 minutes. The weights of the cones can be increased gradually one after another.

Organic therapies

hghgsaas67ashgasVarious natural herbs have been found to help restore stretched birth canal walls. One of the commonly used herbs is the Pueraria Mirifica. The herb encourages the growth of genital tissue and stabilizes the levels of estrogen that contribute to hormonal balance. Additionally, the herb has been found to protect against the growth of cancerous cells in the uterus. The other natural herb is the Curcuma Comosa. The herb helps to treat hot flashes, dryness and also reduce cramps. Aloe Vera is helpful too.

Tight vagina contributes to sustainable and enjoyable sex. Though it sounds challenging to intimidating to tell someone when one has a problem, it is always beneficial to seek advice. Listed above are the safe methods to make the vagina tighter. You can also click here for the official Beauty Tips by Bailey website.