Losing Weight Without Endangering Health

Losing weight is always a problem, especially if you are overweight most of your life. Many people use a different kind of solution to lose weight in record time and in that process they neglect their health, which should be their top priority. But, what happens when you choose a healthy way to lose weight?

Hard beginning

It’s always been the hardest thing to start something and come to the stage where you are satisfied with the results. Creating a habit is hard, especially when between watching movies, having delicious lunches and going out with a friend you have to choose exercises, which is by default boring type of activity.

Running – the most important type of exercise

You don’t need money, appointment nor training baddy to start running. This is the best exercise that melts calories and tightens your body. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t be afraid because this isn’t some activity that will exhaust you. On the contrary, you will be bursting with energy and positive thought.

The plan

It is crucial to resist first 30 days. You should tell yourself: “in the next four months I’m going to run by the plan.” By any chance you shouldn’t skip your workout in the first month, always be persistent and have a goal. If it’s raining or bad weather outside, remember, there is no bad weather; there are only bad equipment and weak minds.

Learn every step of this process

Be smart and tactical. If someone told you that you were crazy because stuck with a 30-day program, now we advise you to be patient and moderate. Learn the basic principles of the training, what type of snickers you should use, how to combine your diet. You will be making rocky mistakes, but at the same time, you will be learning from them.

Join local racing club

Running in the company is always fun and interesting. The group gives you a sense of security and motivates you to move on, even when it’s hard. With the help of your trainer and more experienced raisers, you will learn faster and easier. You will meet people with similar problems, but also the soul mates with same goals.

Stick to the plan – Don’t run every day

You should run at least three days a week and avoid running two days in a row. Use two days in a week to have a cross training, combined with cardio and strength exercises. One day in a week should be left for a rest.

Change pace

During your running you should change pace. If you feel that you are losing control over your breathing, you should slow down. When you are walking, walk fast so that you could maintain the same heart rate.

Running makes you happy

When you are running the percentage of enzymes, that dissolve the fat increase from 10 to 80 percent. The muscle tissue becomes bigger and fat disappears. It is proven fact that running has a positive effect on your mental state and during the workout the hormone of happiness is on a high level.